We haz SINK!

November 4, 2009 § 7 Comments

Our buddy Mike came over last night and helped Matt swap out the old sink and put in new pipes. It was fun stuff. But now we have a shiny new single basin sink! I hated the double basin, because I couldn’t wash my larger pots and crocks in it. It was very awkward. I have a 20 qt cooker, and there was NO way to clean it. Now I can! Huzzah!

Matt and I put in our order for what my dad calls our “walking around” turkey. Meaning, it is currently walking around, and will do so until the week of Thanksgiving when we finally pick him up. Usually, we get an all natural, grass-fed etc etc turkey, but due to budgetary cut-backs (ahem) we were forced to go a less expensive route. We are still buying local from an Amish couple, and as the lady put it, “We do our best!” The turkey will be $1.70/lb as opposed to the $4+ we paid last year. Don’t get me wrong, last year’s turkey was awesome but really… We just can’t afford “all natural” this year. We have to risk the antibiotics for one meal. 😉

I’ve always been a stickler for grammar. In middle school, I used to correct the spelling and punctuation of my friends’ notes before passing back my reply ( BTW, I don’t know why folks get bent out of shape about kids texting in class. It’s just a high tech form of the age-old practice of passing notes which has the added benefit of cutting out the middleman– usually a kid named Joey Bruce who would frequently read and add his own comment before passing it on to the intended party. But I digress.) Lately, I’ve been catching errors in places that should know better.

For instance, on the news the other day the subtitle of the current story read “Eight troops killed in Afghanistan.” Now, a “troop” by definition involves more than one person, right? Generally, it means a group of people. SO the meaning of “eight troops” would be eight groups of people, not eight soldiers. It Annoyed me, and eclipsed the fact that eight people had died, which was obviously of greater importance.

But such it is with language.

A pet peeve of mine is when people do not know whether to use “I” or “me” in conjunction with another person. Here’s a hint: before writing the sentence state it in your mind without the other person, just say the statement as if it involved only you. If you would naturally use “i”, then it is [person’s name] and I. The same for me.

Along the same lines, there seems to be confusion about “him/her and me”, and “s/he and I”. And when answering the telephone, it is never correct to say “This is him/her”; it is always “this is s/he.” Or just say, “Speaking.” It sets my teeth on edge.

And don’t get me started on who/whom. I can more easily forgive a misused “who” than I can an overly used “whom”. People who use whom too much (that is, improperly) are trying too hard.


§ 7 Responses to We haz SINK!

  • hannahsarah says:

    When we were living in our old apartment complex, my daughter picked up the lovely ghettoism of saying “no” instead of “any”. “I don’t have no candy!”
    Aaaaaagh! I’d rather she had picked up head lice. It’s easier to get rid of. It’s slowly getting better, but WOW is that ever annoying.

  • bojojoti says:

    I think “troops” is here to stay. I agree it is foolish and inexact. I find it jarring, too. However, it is easier to report eight troops rather than two Marines and six Air Force soldiers died. Why the word “soldier” has fallen out of favor, I can’t say. It would serve as a better word, and it isn’t sexist, ageist, or fuzzy.
    And, hooray, for new sink!

  • DT says:

    …As in “we don’ need no steenking batches”?
    lol @ head lice

  • DT says:

    Yay sink!
    Yeah, it doesn’t make sense that they don’t say soldier.

  • sonneta says:

    I have the same pet peeves with grammar. Including “troops”. Ugh, stop doing that, news media. It’s a collective noun.

  • mstrobel says:

    Grammar Nazis of the world unite! People who use the wrong one out of their/they’re/there, you’re/your, whose/who’s, it’s/its instantly plummet in my respect levels. It does my head in! It’s NOT THAT HARD. We were taught in first or second grade to imagine the word without the apostrophe and with the missing letter/s to make sure we had the right one.

  • kengara says:

    Man I don’t understand why anyone would want a double basin sink. It’s an unnecessary septum! Oh no I left out a comma or two :O :p
    I got about halfway through the paragraph about “eight troops” before I realized that it meant eight people and not eight groups of people XD

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