December 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

It took me two days, but I made a sock. A very teeny tiny sock that basically could fit my thumb and nothing else. And because it was so teeny-tiny, I promptly lost it. But I am working on a slightly bigger sock to fit my Chubber’s fat little leg and foot, and it is coming along nicely– if slowly. After all, it is very difficult to tend to an infant with the equivalent of a wool porcupine in your hands. Four needles is scary around a baby. I basically can only work on it for as long as she will sleep or tolerate being with Daddy.

In other news, for the past couple of days I have been working on foodie things. I stumbled across the movie FRESH in someone’s blog and have since made it my mission in life to host a screening. I’ve already contacted the leaders of the two closest Weston A. Price Foundation chapters for my area, and we are in discussions now of when where and who we want as discussion panelists. I hope we can get a lot of turn out for this. For now, just figuring out where to have it and when are our big questions.

In the midst of these discussions, I was excited to learn that WAPF is holding their annual conference HERE in Valley Forge in November 2010!! Can I get a whoop whoop! I have to figure out how to volunteer for this thing now!

I’ve also been thinking a lot about this dream I have for an intentional community/sustainable farm.

I feel like I need to make this idea clear in my head while I’m thinking about it. Of course, I’m in the midst of a moderate manic episode, so everything feels urgent to me right now, but I figure while the thoughts are racing around like so many incontinent wiener dogs, I should at least try to nail something down for thoughtful processing when my mind is less frenzied.

Or perhaps I should just chill out till I’m a tad more rational. Hmm.


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