Good Start

December 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

It’s 7:30 AM and I have already showered and set two loaves on to rise. I feel productive! This is waaay more than I usually have done at this time in the morning since I am usually still sleeping at this point.

I’m up early because I have to take Matt in to work today. He’s still sleeping/snuggling with the baby. I’m surprised she hasn’t woken up for her AM feeding. She was nibbling through the night though, and it’s a rainy sleepy day outside, so I guess she just wants to stay sleepy and cozy with Daddy.

I have a busy day ahead. Apart from baking bread, I am meeting with my Diaper Free Baby group, then I have to pick Matt up from work, get to Elanor’s well-baby check up and then off to the chiropractor’s. I think I have the bread timed just right so that the second rise and baking time will take me right up to time to leave for all my running around.

I don’t know why I plan every minute of a day like that. Well, yes, I do. I just wish I could find a happy medium!

On to face the day!


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