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December 30, 2009 § 4 Comments

I am happily planning out this year’s activities. Not New Year’s resolutions per se, because I don’t believe in deliberately setting myself up for failure, but more of a continuation and addition to the transitions we’ve been making over the past 3 or 4 years.

I intend to keep paring away the processed, pre-packaged, or eating out we’ve been doing. I have already gained back the net loss of 10 pounds from the pregnancy (and then some, I think) because I developed an abhorrent sugar addiction in my last trimester. I CRAVE sugar and chocolate every single day. In order to fool myself and satisfy this craving, I created an incredible nut butter that is toothsome, mildly sweet and chocolatey. Mmmmmm. Spread that on some sprouted grain raisin cinnamon bread, and you have got the ultimate in healthy snacking.

Hopefully I can get some control over my eating habits and shed some pounds.

Assisting in this effort will be our backyard Micro-farm. I already have some heirloom seeds on order, and will be ordering more soon. I just have to plan out my zones in my backyard. We’ve got close to 2000 sq ft back there, but I don’t know how usable it all is. I think I want to re-fence it, since there is a huge chunk outside the fence. But one step at a time.

In order to prep our soil, we are getting a few chickens from a local farmer I know; we used to get our milk for the coffeehouse from them. Also, I am trying to compost (it hasn’t become habit to separate out compostables yet.) I need to build a compost area to throw all our stuff. We have to go dumpster diving for discarded palettes and other free building materials. I think a trip behind Home Depot may be in order… 😉 ETA: Our borough doesn’t allow chickens!  BAH!

I also want to get another dog, since Mom and Dad assimilated Mocha back into the hive. :/ I miss her, but she is too big and high strung to have around the baby. I need a low-key, fairly sedate dog; one that won’t harass/kill the chickens. 🙂 Maybe a golden retriever…

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§ 4 Responses to This is the life

  • kingodin says:

    My main New Year’s resolutions are to relearn to drive, get a car, and have a drama-free year, and I’m going to a party tomorrow evening.

  • Retrievers are hunters by nature so they would probably end up harassing the poultry.
    A good on that I recommend having around children is rottweiler (I know most people won’t agree with me) or german shepherds.
    I was raised with a rottweiler mix and he was the absolute best dog. I’ve also been around rottweilers for a long time and they really are great dogs to have around babies. Only warning is if you end up having to spank said child when they get older, lock the dog up. They can be very territorial about “their pups”. I’m not sure about your area but I know that here in FL you can’t get homeowners if you own a rotty though.
    Shepherds are just very good loyal dogs. I’ve never owned one but I’ve been around plenty and done alot research on them (thinking about buying one of my own). They’re great family dogs.
    All of this of course depends on the size of dog you want as well as the reputation of local breeders.
    Hope this helps.

  • DT says:

    Good points! I’m actually thinking perhaps a greyhound– we have the National Greyhound Adoption Program located right here in Philly, and they are really good dogs. Plus they go through a long screening process to match families to the right dog.

  • Greyhounds are great dogs, just beware if they ever get out. You’ll never catch it. LOL.

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