My Week in Review

January 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

Last week seems to be a blur. Ella and I got really sick and down with a cold. We’re still dealing with the vestiges of it, but there has definitely been a turn for the better. My throat is still a little scratchy, and I’m still congested, but whatever is in my chest seems to be loosening up and on its way “out”. šŸ˜‰ I’m just glad to be able to leave my bed.

Due to the cold, she and I missed our band’s NYE activities. She and I rang in the New Year watching P&P (the 6 hour BBC production of course) from the comfort of our sick bed, while sipping hot cold remedy tea. Well, I had tea, she had none.

Matt and I “purchased” (free after mail-in rebate) new phones last week when mine decided I didn’t need a pesky ear piece in order to hear my callers. It had been threatening to go out for over a year now, but blowing completely was the final nail in the coffin, and so we both upgraded. It’s unbelievable what phones do now– we’d had our old models for… well, years, and so our new Samsung Flights seem like the be-all and end-all of new fangledness. I enjoyed recording sound bites from P&P to create funny ringtones for my friends. When my best friend calls, I now hear Mr Bennett saying, “No lace, Mrs Bennett, I beg of you!”

It makes me giggle anyway.

I think, in an effort to keep myself on task, I may institute a “What Have I Done So Far Today?” section of my journal. I’ll see if I get around to that. šŸ˜›


§ One Response to My Week in Review

  • frodo_esque says:

    Sounds like life has been busy and eventful (too bad one of those events was a cold..).
    Ringing in the New Year with Darcy and Elizabeth sounds like a grand time– and it’s good for Ella to get a head start on what will undoubtedly be her favorite miniseries eva!

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