Something’s fishy….

January 11, 2010 § 2 Comments

There has been an odd smell in the kitchen that I wasn’t able to trace today. When Matt and I came home from my parents’ house, it smacked me full in the face as soon as I walked through the door. So I sent Matt in search of it. He’s still down there now, so hopefully that means whatever it is will be located and Dealt With.

The sad thing is, I still have a very limited sense of smell from the lingering remnants of this cold. Everything tastes funny, and I can hardly smell anything. Which tells me that whatever it is must smell very bad. I wonder if a mouse died or something?

IN other news, we are taking a trip to the farm show tomorrow. I love the farm show. I’m hoping to get some good info and stuff!!

Update: Matt found the source. It was some liquid from beans I made in the crockpot. ewwww. My bad.


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