January 20, 2010 § 4 Comments

I seem to be hungry all the time. Ever since I stopped puking towards the end of my pregnancy, I have been ravenously hungry. All. The. Time.

I guess it is probably because of nursing. I know as soon as she latches on, I become instantly thirsty. But the hunger… constant.

Unfortunately, I’ve been consistently inconsistent in eating the way I know I should. So much junk food and fast food– way more than I would eat prior to becoming pregnant. In fact, we didn’t have ANY fast food for a couple of years before I got pregnant. Now, the Dollar Menu is like my best friend. Meh. And I have already lamented my sugar issues.

I know better, and prefer the wholesome foods. But convenience and immediacy have been ruling my appetites for about a year now. And I’m suffering for it.

It’s no wonder I’m always hungry– my body is malnourished, even as I gain weight. It’s time to stop the madness.

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  • bojojoti says:

    It’s hard when you are exhausted, sleep-deprived, and busy to eat well. You are too good a cook to eat the dollar menu, but I can understand not having the time or energy to cook.

  • It’s not so much that you’re malnourished. It’s MOSTLY the nursing. The majority of the nutrition and fluids that you’ve been taking in has been going to the baby either through the umbilical cord or through breast milk.
    Yes, try to eat the better foods because without a doubt they will boost you up and over so that you have the nourishment to spare.

  • lawchicky says:

    Oh yes, I know the feeling! I can’t even think about nursing without feeling thirsty and I feel constantly hungry. The only reprieve is that the nursing burns so many calories that it keeps the weight off.. except that the little guy is going to start weaning soon, so I need to break the bad food habits quick!

  • ladyfaith3 says:

    I just bought a book called “healthy expectations” and it’s very helpful so far as pregnancy and breastfeeding and the nutrician it requires. I eat about six small meals a day, though it suggests more snacking than I am able to make myself do! make sure to pair up a lean protien with a whole gain complex carb, add a piece of fruit or non-starchy veggie and eating like this really helps keep the baby (while inside or out) well nurished and the feeling of being SO HUNGRY stops. Let me kknow if you want any other info 🙂 I think I feel the best I have ever felt at nearly 6 months pregnant using these things as a guide for eating

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