LJ Idol Week 12: Intersection Topic: Current Events

January 30, 2010 § 17 Comments

Dear Dad,

It was so good to read about the farm in your last letter. I must confess, I could practically smell the earth on the paper. Then again, you were never much one for washing your hands. I’m sure the harvest won’t be as bad as you keep saying. We’ve never starved yet.

School keeps me busy, but I managed to walk around the city today. Philadelphia is beautiful, it could almost steal my heart away, but my roots are firmly planted on the other side of the world. Besides, the economy here is worse than you might think. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen more shops close than is decent, including a little coffee shop I used to study at. The real shame is that I can’t find a decent cuppa anywhere since.

Obama keeps talking about stimulus and such, but I read in the newspaper today that of the $157 million that the city was granted last year, less than $1 mil had been used, and that they only saved 52 jobs! I guess it’s the same all over, nothing slows progress quite so well as a lumbering bureaucracy.

Well, back to studying. Tell Mum I miss her.

Your son,


Dad’s response

Dear Dad,

Cantankerous as always I see. One day, I hope you can learn that the world is much smaller now than it was just a couple of decades ago. You should be concerned with what’s happening with the Americans! They have farms here too, you know.

Speaking of, I visited Lancaster County this weekend. I think you would like these Amish. They’re stubborn like you. Apparently, they are ahead of the curve for renewable resources. I saw wind mills everywhere. They don’t use public electricity, instead they use wind energy to run pumps for their water wells, or for any appliances or equipment that need it. How’s that for off the grid? I was rather impressed.

I have a paper to finish; looks like I’ll be up all night again. Thanks for the coffee.

Tell Mum I got the scarf she sent. Give her my thanks and love.

Your son,


Dad’s response

Dear Dad,

Sometimes, I get the feeling we talk at cross-purposes. You aren’t too old to learn new ways, you’re too stubborn! But if you must be reliant on what you have at least you have your health. Though not for long if you’re still hitting the brandy and coke as hard as you always have. Your liver can only put up with so much, Dad.

This healthcare situation seems to be a hot button issue still. Last week, they held that election up in Massachusetts and voted in that Brown bloke. Apparently, these Americans really don’t want their government taking on their healthcare. I’ve seen a lot of houses with flags out front that read “Don’t Tread on Me” or “Live Free or Die.” I even drove past a house yesterday that had a torch and pitchfork set up in the garden.

Sometimes I wonder how far these people are willing to take things. Fighting back with a ballot and making statements with lawn art is one thing. But are we sitting on a powder keg over here?

My end of year schedule looks like I should be home in time for harvest like you asked. If you could transfer the money for airfare to my account, I’ll go ahead and book a ticket home.
Thanks Dad. Kiss Mum for me.

Your son,


Dad’s response

This week’s challenge in therealljidol paired us up for a collaboration. My partner is belgatherial and here is our humble contribution. Please vote for us in the upcoming poll! Thanks!


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