How to Eat an Elephant

February 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

I have been working all week to get myself organized. I have purposed in my heart to see myself healthier, more organized and on the ball this year. So I have begun assembling a Homemaker’s Notebook, basically a three-ring binder that breaks my life down into sections so I can eat that elephant one bite at a time.

I’ve been downloading and printing off pages like chore lists, week-at-a-glance pages, menu planners with shopping lists, family info charts and all kinds of crazy stuff. I even found these great art project planning pages to help track all my myriad crafts and pieces I have percolating. Let’s face it, I have three knitting projects, one crochet, a baby sling commission, and two art commissions (one for the band, one for church) in the works right now– I NEED to organize my workload!

I’ve also decided to break my house up into zones, and assign a zone to each day of the week, so I can tackle each area a step at a time. I’m breaking my day up into units as well, so that I have certain routine tasks (i.e breakfast, make bed, do dishes, etc) to accomplish AM, Midday and PM.

A friend of mine from church and I have decided to coach each other through healthier habits as well, so I’m hoping my eating will improve with a plan. To start, Matt and I are doing The Maker’s Diet as our Lenten fast (‘m making some modifications due to breast feeding.) For instance, this morning I made a fabulous protein smoothie for breakfast and lunch. Waaaay better than slimfast, and the proper balance of healthy fats and all whole raw foods. Mm mm good!

On to more organizing!!

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