The more things change…

June 10, 2010 § 9 Comments

I had been wondering for a while now why I was so sore and tired, and it wasn’t making sense that despite the fact that I’ve been nursing full time for the last nine months that I should be gaining weight, but a simple blood test revealed the issue: my thyroid is pretty messed up!

I’ve been back on synthroid now for week, but I don’t know how long it will take to find equilibrium.

In other news, I still haven’t found the secret elixir to an organized and functional home. I’ll keep ya posted on that one. Meanwhile, we are still trying to transition into a wholly traditional food diet, which is constantly being derailed and sabotaged by my insane addiction to sugar, and lack of planning ahead. :-/

But the cycle will continue and I should be on an upswing soon enough.


§ 9 Responses to The more things change…

  • mysterylodge says:

    Ugh, yah. Before I knew mine was malfunctioning, I felt almost drugged, but without the euphoria. Zero energy. Zero motivation. Greatly reduced cognitive capacity… Fun times.
    Hope the synthroid gets you feeling better.

  • are you trying to eliminate all sugar? I have switched to sucanut (to replace brown sugar) and organic dried cane juice. I also keep on hand maple sugar and maple syrup. It’s hard. I do want my sugar. I know it’s horrible bad being diabetic and all, but sometimes I just fell I need… some. And chocolate, but that’s not so bad because I go extra dark chocolate and just a little will satisfy me.
    One thing that has been so prohibitive is the COST. omg this diet will be the death of me. It’s supposed to be helping my health lol ungh -.-

  • bojojoti says:

    Take care of that thyroid. It has such a huge effect on your health and well-being. It seems to take at least a month on the thyroid meds to see an improvement.

  • DT says:

    Yeah, what was really getting me was how AnGrY I was feeling all the time. I was getting pretty irate there. Still am, but at least I know why and hopefully the synthroid will kick in. The doc put me on 200 mcg! I’ve never been on a dose that high before.

  • DT says:

    Actually, the rule in our house is no white sugar. We haven’t bought a bag of white sugar in almost 2 years! It’s all sucanat, raw honey and maple syrup. My downfall is white bread, and pastries. I cannot help myself when it comes to pecan sticky buns or chocolate chip cookies, or cherry danishes. Ugh.
    I actually think there may be a correlation though with the cravings and my thyroid. I’m hoping with more balance will come greater will power.
    What kind of diet are you on exactly? I may have some tips for you…

  • DT says:

    That’s what I’m afraid of. A week on 200mcg and I feel no difference yet. Blecch. It feels like my metabolism has ground to a halt, and is having trouble getting started again!

  • I am on a gluten free diet, actually. I am allergic to wheat and have a gluten intolerance and possible celiac disease, but was never tested, so don’t have an actual diagnoses.
    It’s just that along with that and going on an elimination diet for awhile I decided I was going to try a more whole foods, organic kind of diet.
    I only buy organic pastured milk, can’t find it in raw though and the place that does raw milk doesn’t do full pasture, they substitute with soy/corn, so I don’t trust it. I wish I could find better options as far as yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream go. I am reluctant to spend the extra money on organic if I do not know for sure it is from full pastured cows.
    My eggs are not organic or pastured. :(( But I buy the store’s brand of “Eggland’s best” since I know they are at least vegetarian fed and the nutrition and taste really come through. There is a small farm up here that does have pastured chickens, but Warren has pretty much said he is not willing to pay the extra $1.50/dozen for the eggs. I can understand. Money is so tight. But again we only go through 8 eggs per week. :-/ meh.
    I think I _might_ be allergic to corn, but am not sure yet. I got some gluten-free corn meal and going to try that this weekend and if I still have a reaction to it, then I guess I will know then.
    My potatoes are organic, my apples are organic. It is all a balance between trying to go as organic as possible, cut out as much sugar as possible, and still being able to afford to live. Also, since I’m diabetic I try and stay away from sugar. I have eliminated all HFCS from my household and refuse to use “agave nectar” because _that_ is higher in fructose than HFCS! I have tried it and it still does horrible things to my bloodsugars, so I really do not understand why so many people rave about it. I cannot handle xylitol or erethratol or any of the sugar alcohols, but I do seem to be able to handle small amounts of aspartame, so that is my current sweetener. :-/ I know it is kind of blah, but I guess it is the compromise I have to make. This is the main reason why I am trying to wean myself off of sweets, too. Neither sugar nor aspartame are good for me, but oh… how I love my ice cream and there are these gluten free snickerdoodles at my store that I love and it seems I cannot go without one each week. gah!

  • Also, my little cat, Spooky (also my oldest, I think she’s 15 now?) has been developing allergies and I have been going through a bunch of different and very expensive cat foods to try and ease her constant dry skin and itching/liking/biting. It isn’t fleas, since we have been doing the Frontline for a few months now and spraying around the outside of the apartment regularly. I am afraid she might be allergic to chicken and turkey. I switched her over to a hypoallergenic canned food that is wheat/corn/soy/grain/yeast/dairy/gluten-free and has venison or duck or salmon as the protein source. They also have chicken and turkey and I think beef, but am not sure about that, but I take it those are the most likely suspects in many dog/cat allergies after the grains, of course, so I am staying away from those for now. If she doesn’t get better after this I am not sure what I will do. It is already costing me $100/month in food for her alone. But at the same time she seems healthy and happy other than the itching. All her bloodwork comes back normal. I am really at a loss.

  • DT says:

    It sounds like she may need more omegas in her diet. Put a teaspoon of cod liver oil, or a couple of egg yolks in her food and see if her skin improves that way. Even a generic fish oil pill every day might help.
    Give her some raw chicken livers, ground up in her food every week as well. This should help things along too. Plus, chicken livers are cheap at the supermarket. You can get a tub of them in the meat section for just a couple bucks.
    It’s good that you stay away from the grains. Most people don’t realize that house cats are indeed, CATS, just like lions and tigers, and our cute fuzzy feline friends are therefore strict carnivores, not omnivores like dogs and ourselves.
    Rather than going with the most expensive hypo-allergenic brands, just look for the ones that have MEAT at the first (main) ingredient. Make sure it doesn’t start with something MEAL, because then there’s no real meat in it.
    We give Bingley Iams kitten chow. While I’d rather feed him a raw real foods diet, I just can’t afford that, so I supplement when I can. Iams is mostly meat, which is good, and it’s fairly affordable. It actually had a better ingredient list than some of the more expensive brands!
    If he’s still itching, grate up a clove of garlic and see if she’ll eat that on his food. She might not, but if you can get her to eats it, it will help her skin, especially if she has a mite problem– he won’t taste so good to the little buggers, and her issues should clear up.

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