The Sweet Life

August 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

Last Monday, my Doctor told me to go gluten free for a month and to cut out all sugar. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for a while now, but we are trying to get my hormones (especially my thyroid) in order, plus Ella has some kind of sensitivity, and we need to isolate it.

So I’ve been a week without bread, and trying out gluten-free recipes, which led to an interesting experiment with oatmeal crepes. It wasn’t an utter failure, but I would not categorize it as a roaring success either.

In just a few days, Ella’s diaper rash has cleared up, and I’m noticing a lot more energy. In fact, I’ve been out walking several times this week, and just have more pep in general! Who knew?

I’ve been wrestling with this refined sugar/flour addiction for quite some time now. And even though I allowed myself a small milkshake on Friday night, I haven’t been CRAVING it and going crazy like I thought I would. When the month is out, I can begin adding back some low-sugar fruits, like berries, etc, and eventually I’ll be able to have my beloved raw honey, maple syrup and sucanat in small doses, but I do not intend to allow white sugar back into my life. That stuff is p’ison!

I’m surprised at how (relatively) easily I have avoided the wheat stuff as well. Granted, it means a lot of strangely textured bread-like substances, but the flavors haven’t been bad, and all in all, it’s ok. Once I’m able to add wheat back into the mix, I will stick to the soaked whole grains, and avoid the refined white flour.

It’s all stuff I have known for a long time, but it’s been so difficult to break the convenience habit, spurred on by my insane addictive cravings. This will allow me the clean break I needed to fully switch over to the whole foods, nourishing cooking that I have been trying to do for a couple of years now.

My next thing is to cut out my processed milk products and stick strictly to the raw, but I LOVE ice cream, especially as is made locally at Zwahlen’s in Trooper. I need to get over it and just start making my own.


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§ 2 Responses to The Sweet Life

  • hannahsarah says:

    Since May I’ve given up almost all wheat products, processed grains and white sugar.
    I’ve lost 25 pounds, and my fibromyalgia is 95% in remission. My chronic fatigue is about 50% better, and I’ve only had three migraines since then, all of which I think were just hormone related. (I used to get one or two migraines a week!)
    When I first started my diet, I used to fantasize about all the junk food I would eat when I had the chance. Now, I don’t even want it, it doesn’t even sound good anymore. The few things I have tried to “cheat” with ended up tasting absolutely horrid (cake frosting is disgusting, potato chips are just starch and grease!)
    Dreyer’s No Sugar Added ice cream is awesome, especially the Butter Pecan flavor. OMG nom nom nom nom!

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