Sugar Blues…

September 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago, my doctor told me I have to cut out refined processed grains, gluten, and ALL sugar.  Now, granted, I have been on a journey toward purging refined and processed foods from my life, period, but I have had the TOUGHEST time giving up pastries, cookies, muffins, ice cream… ugh.  I CRAVE them, you see. Like crack.

But I’m exhausted all the time (falling asleep at the wheel=NOT GOOD) and constantly sore and achy in all my joints, and my blood tests confirm what my body has been trying to tell me.  I’m a wreck!

Despite the best of intentions in moving my diet into a more Weston A Price style of eating, I have continued to let in the little things that have been undermining my health; namely sweets and industrial foods, and a lot more eating out than is good for my waist or my wallet.  So now I’ve got to get radical, and cut it ALL out.  I have to start cooking and eating the way I know how, but have been neglecting.

Sugar, especially the overly processed chemical stuff that is in everything, is so insidious and pervasive.  It’s like in Song of Solomon 2:15, “…the little foxes that are ruining the vineyard…”   Every little bit chips away at your health from the inside out, causing your body to stop absorbing the minerals it needs, disrupting hormonal balances, throwing off insulin levels and leading to all kinds of health issues, from tooth decay, to obesity, to death!   Speaking of tooth decay, did you realize it’s not the sugar ON your teeth that leads to cavities, but the sugar in your system that leads to cavities?

Anyway, I’ve switched to stevia for a lot of things, and am trying to cut out all the stuff I’ve known better about all along, but just couldn’t seem to put down.  The doc wants me to go on the Body Ecology Diet, but that’s something I really have to ease into. The author advises 80% veggies and 20% proteins or grains, and I just don’t now how to eat that many vegetables!

For now, my best bet is to just cut the sugar, refined flour and other little things I have been letting slide.  Baby Steps.  Whole, unrefined, unprocessed, unadulterated foods from earth to plate are the way to go, lots of grass-fed animal fats and proteins, and loads of cultured and fermented foods and beverages are the basis for a healthy diet, and I thankfully already have those n place.

Now to purge the poisons!

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