I’m a 35 year old Christian wife and mother who is passionate about providing a wholesome, nourishing environment for my family.  It’s not just about food, though.  Life is about more than just what we put into our bodies through our mouths; what enters in through our eyes, ears, nose and fingertips is just as important.  I want to create a culture of curiosity, passion, and wonder in my family.

Did you know that science is discovering that the brain we carry in our heads is not the only “brain” in the body?  Amazingly, the organs of the heart and intestines also carry their own kind of “brain” and are capable of storing memories, and directing our nervous systems.  Some of us follow our hearts, some of us follow our guts, and some of us follow our heads.  My desire is to raise up a generation who will submit all three under discipline and wisdom, letting the Love of Christ rule them all, so that we may truly be salt and light to this world.

Feed your body, feed your head, and feed your heart on good, nourishing, traditional foods; solid, tested wisdom and ideas,; and love for Creator and neighbor, and we can turn this world on it’s head within a generation!


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