I may have found a new hero

June 30, 2009 § 9 Comments

On my Crunchy Mamas board over on Baby Center, someone posted a link to a recipe for homemade deoderant which is really simple to make, and I have all the ingredients. I’ve been planning to switch to homemade for a while now, especially since the “natural teatree oil deoderant” I’ve been using is begining to fail me.

According to all the women who have been using it, it works as well if not better than store bought, and without the chemicals and aluminum, etc. I have already switched to baking soda and apple cider vinegar to replace shampoo and conditioner, and that works awesomely, and so much cheaper than buying shampoo and conditioner. (No, you don’t use them at the same time– baking soda first, rinse completely, then ACV, and rinse. We’re not building volcanoes on our heads here, people.)

Anyway, so I started poking around this woman’s blog, and O. M. G. She’s like… ME. Only… better.

I so wish I had the discipline and presence of mind to blog like that. I regret that I (currently) lack the cogency just to… make sense and have an inspiring and relevant web presence. sigh

My lack of discipline and total ADD, I think, doesn’t allow me to organize my thoughts into series of posts, or to track in any kind of a straight line. So I blog randomly, and inconsistently, and very often in a rambling blithering way.

I’ve blogged about nutrition and raw milk; I’ve blogged about religion and a godly life; I’ve blogged about natural and crunchy lifestyles; I’ve blogged about ..erm.. natural options for sanitary period care (ok, gentlemen, those were girls only locked posts. TMI.) But she does it… better. And to a larger forum. And people link to her. *pout*

Ok, pity party over. One day, I will have the capacity to blog responsibly, and be worthy of Webiverse Influence. But today is not that day. So I will read other people’s blogs, and glean tips on How It Is Done.



In attempting to practice what I preach…

September 18, 2006 § 2 Comments

Reading pifactorial‘s latest drama has me reminding myself of my commitment to peace. I so dearly want to tell some people “You, sir, are a great big jerk and if you were here, I would smack you about the head soundly.”

But I know that this is the wrong attitude, especially against so much hate. But I want to rush to pi’s defense. I know that’s not my place. And i know I am not allowed to call anyone a big jerk, nor am I to smack anyone about the head– or anywhere else.

That some folks can accuse others of being hateful through a barrage of profanity and blasphemous cursings without batting an eye just slays me. Um, ironic much?

What we have here is a failure to communicate. See, Jesus came and preached Love. Love of God, love of neighbor. But this was a love that He made very clear was a Love that was sure to rip you to pieces, if you surrendered to it, and actually practiced it.

This Love was not merely doing nice things for folks and being your average philanthropist. This love actually required that you give till it really hurt. It meant that if your neighbor was naked, you went cold so that they were clothed, if your neighbor was hungry, you didn’t eat till they had been filled. It meant you trusted that your God was going to provide you with everything you needed, and that anything you had was a gift from Him to be given freely.

It meant that you Loved Jesus so much that you would be willing to turn your whole lifestyle over to His hands, and walk wherever He walked and speak whatever words He spoke. It meant hating sin, but loving the sinner. It meant letting the Great Surgeon dissect you and tear you down– shaping you into a new creation in His own image. It meant walking the path to perfection.

Jesus was hated and reviled for His sermons. He was tortured and killed for His Message. A Message of Love Incomprehensible. A demanding Love that was free for all, yet cost so much.

His first followers were called “Christians” by the unbelievers around them– it wasn’t a name they chose for themselves, but a name they were given– an honor– “little Christs.” Because they looked like Him, acted like Him, Loved like Him. They came out from their previous lifestyles and denied their flesh, and learned to see things from their Creator’s perspective. It didn’t matter what you had done before, if you loved God, you stopped, and turned away from former passions and cleaved to the Savior Who Loved.

Today, so many clamor to apply a title for themselves that once had been bestowed by others. I wonder why? Why does one want to be known by a name that they cannot even agree with; that they cannot follow without dying to all they hold most dear? It’s very odd to me.

There are people in my house and I haven’t seen them…

September 16, 2006 § 3 Comments

Today, the land-lady sent some folks over to install a new heating system, since the old one was messed up in the recent floods we had here. We just left the basement door open so that they could come and go as they pleased and i have been up here in the bedroom with the dog. My big huge lion-huntin’ dog. She is disturbed by all of the noise coming up from the basement. As long as the noise doesn’t leave the basement tho, I am unconcerned. I really want to take a shower, but I have mucho misgivings about doing that with strangers in the house. Unless I locked my dog in the bathroom with me.

She’s really a total wuss tho. Not at all a sufficient gaurd dog. But she looks big and scary, and sometimes, that’s all you really need if folks start getting out of line.

I want bacon and eggs. For some reason, my house smells like it, even tho I know we don’t have any. I’m hungry, but I don’t want to go downstairs. There are people in the basement.

If I surrender all, what do I get to keep?

August 25, 2006 § 10 Comments

So, yeah, I was a tad emotional in last night’s post as judetherat gently pointed out. I suppose every time i start to post on the issue of doctrine and Christianity today, I become overwhelmed by the hugeness of the issue, and end up becoming frustrated and emotionally distraught. I suppose I need to break things down into smaller issues, and go at them one at a time, only they all seems so inter-connected to me. And of course, once someone starts pointing out problems, they are called upon to offer solutions or explanations or to defend one’s POV.

It’s difficult for me, because this is probably the issue about which I am most passionate, and yet have the most difficulty expressing in any effective manner. The Dissolution and Drifting of the Church from what she is suppose to be. I think that most folks would agree with me that the church of today doesn’t look a whole lot like what she did in the first century. And i think that most folks would agree that with so many denominations, someone has to be wrong about something.

Lately, I have felt like the little dutch boy, trying to plug holes in an increasingly leaky dyke. Everytime i see a doctrine that has gone awry or hear a teaching that is blatant heresy, my instinct is to correct it. But those are merely the symptoms of the bigger problem. A failure to actually trust and submit to this Man Jesus.

Christians today look almost identical to the world. It is easy to call oneself a Christian today, because it no longer requires the commitment it once did. A commitment to actual obedience and a life changed. Anyone can say “I am born again” and then it is never questioned whether they are “saved.” “Once saved always saved, now pass me a cold one, the game’s almost on.” People go about their daily lives, never changed by Christ, never moved by His Spirit, never dying to self, never knowing the transforming love of the God Who created them.

The fact is, Jesus asks for all of ourselves– our heart mind soul and strength. We are called to turn our whole being over to Him. We are called to obey Him. Obedience means we need to know His commands, and the promises are only subject to actual obedience. So many just want the promises but not the work that actually goes into it.

But if we agree that all the denominations out there can’t all be right, who is? How about everybody is; and isn’t. It’s like all these folks out there are holding pieces of the puzzle, but the puzzle pieces are covered in all manner of crap. It is on each of us to actually uncover those pieces– the ones that fit scripture– and put them all together, and actually come together as Christ’s holy bride. When we are all united in love of God and love for our neighbors, and not fighting amongst ourselves over stupid doctrine– because we are subject to Christ alone, and not to traditions of men.

When will we learn that what Jesus means when He tells us to love one another is so much bigger than we have allowed ourselves to understand?

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