Dumb dog. And owner.

July 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

Mocha got a hold of the plastic bag that wrapped the remains of my muffin wrapper today. And ate it. The whole thing. Plastic bag and all. Stupid dog.

It’s my fault of course, because I left it where she could get at it. Ugh. This means she will puke somewhere around 4 Am tomorrow, and we’ll have to clean it up. Nothing we can do till then. I’m hoping that the small amount of chocolate she’s ingested won’t hurt her too much in her current weakened state.

In other horrifying news, walkertxkitty posted this story about a dog who dragged its owner’s newborn baby from his crib. The baby is alive and recovering, but it is a cautionary tale for anyone with pets and babies.

I love Mocha, and know she would never intentionally hurt a person– that she knows is a person. But she’s a hound dog, bred to hunt and kill small animals, and I’ve personally seen her efficiently and ruthlessly dispatch squirrels and rabbits. I would NEVER leave my baby alone with her. And now she’s going old sick and senile, all the more reason to never leave either of them unsupervised.

ETA Correction: Matt has informed me that he got the plastic bag from Mocha. But she did eat the paper wrapper of the muffin. So, chocolate, yes, but plastic bag, no. It’s a relief anyway.


Brave New World

July 15, 2009 § 7 Comments

So, last night I made an interesting discovery on a KellyMom about potty training your infant. Since last night, I have been looking into all sorts of sites about it, and am thoroughly intrigued and fascinated.

In fact, I sent a link to my best friend (the one who gave birth last week) but she scoffed, calling it a gimmick to make your child more advanced. But I don’t think so. After all, not all cultures diaper their babies. In most of Asia and Africa, they look on our Western practice of forcing our children to sit in their own excrement as disgusting and barbaric.

Now, this does sound like a rather… intensive practice. I would have to really pay attention to avoid getting peed and pooped on. But since I have such a hyper-attachment philosophy going right now anyway, it might be worth a try. After a couple of weeks… When I’ve got the breastfeeding thing down. They say though that once you’ve got it down, there are usually very very few accidents (no more than normal with toddlers/small children) and you shouldn’t need diapers unless the baby is sick or something.

And think of the money I’ll save on diapers and laundry services (for cloth diapering).

SPRING BREAK!! or well.. spring break…

March 8, 2005 § 5 Comments

Yeah, my Spring break isn’t exactly a roaring exciting success so far. I have managed to schedule a couple of dr.’s appts that I have needed while I’m home, so I’m all productive like that. In looking at this week’s calendar, I DO have something planned each day, but since 2 of those days are for the aforementioned appointments, that’s *really* not saying anything…

But tomorrow I will be going to King of Prussia Mall– the largest mall on the east coast, and second largest shopping mall in the world. It’s not as “woo-hoo” for me, since I used to work there for years and have known KoP since long before it was so HUGE. It’s like an “I knew you when” celebrity thing. In fact, I still mainly keep to the old sections (which are also what could be considered the “cheap section”) Why go to Bloomingdale’s when Penney’s is just across the way? lol

One of the “newer” additions that I really like is the Cafe Court upstairs. It’s better than the old food court, because it less fast foody, and more fresh stuff. Whole Foods, organic grrl that I am, I can totally dig on that! Yum! *gets hungry just thinking about it* I think i will probably do lunch at Ruby’s tho. Gotta love that whole 50’s diner vibe they’ve got going there. Plus I love their cherry cokes. I swore off soda over 5 years ago (and lost 30 pounds when i did–unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle put it all back on– but I’m working on that) erm.. I digressed too far… where was I going? Oh! Soda– so I stopped drinking it, but I WILL indulge at Ruby’s. They make the most awesome Cherry cokes, because they make it the old fashioned way. mmmm… so good!

I also have to get a baby shower gift for my best friend from 2nd grade. I can’t believe we’ve known each other all these years, and that she’s HAVING A BABY!!tick tick tick tick lol. It’s just so hard to believe it. I still don’t feel like a grownup. Even tho all of my friends from school are married now, it hasn’t sunk in. I’m 29 but still think of myself as a child. It’s so weird. And it weirds me out when my friends do “grown-up” things like … get married… buy houses… have babies… *shudder* It’s too weird.

Another day, another Junior

February 8, 2005 § 3 Comments

Here I am in the president’s office. Holding down the fort apparently. No one is here but me. Glad I already took a potty break.

It’s incredibly boring and I appear to have exhausted my internet diversions. I think my best friend is having a baby today, but I can’t call on an outside line to find out. The fact that I got an auto-reply when I emailed her is the BIG TIP-OFF. She’s having a little boy, and they are naming him Stephen Anthony, Jr.

Not a big fan of the Junior bit. I’m slightly prejudiced tho, because if I had been a boy, I was going to be a Junior. As it is, I still ended up with my dad’s middle name, but the Juniors (for the most part) that I have known have been shamefully red-necked. Mind you, I’m coming froma primarily Southern East Texas Northern Louisianna back ground, so *everyone* was probably rednecked in my experience, but the Juniors (especially the ones that were family) always stuck out.

But I won’t hold that against Little Stevie. He can’t help it. Maybe he will be here today. Have to wait and see.

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