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I’m hungry. And restless.

Click my dragons.


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Work work work work work.

November 9, 2005 § 4 Comments

Actually, work study is like anti-work. I wait for the phones to ring, or for someone to ask me to copy something. They found out about my Mad Excel Skillz, and have capitalized on that a few times. It is amazing how many people I have run into in office settings who have no concept of how to make Excel “go.” I learned all my Excel on my own through trial and error. All of my pc skills came about from sink or swim scenarios. Plus, it’s all rather intuitive. I don’t get how people could work with Microsoft products for so long and *not* get Excel. oh well.

But anyway, I have no spread sheets with which to entertain myself today, and I still have a big ol’ pile of mail in front of me. I just moved it off the desk. It was depressing me. If the mail doesn’t get here by 2:30, I’ll just have to go ahead and deliver it. Blecch.

I’ll have to work on that procrastination. Maybe tomorrow.

*30 minutes later*

Ok, so I broke down and delivered the mail. It was driving me crazy, and this afternoon’s delivery hasn’t come yet. Soooo… That’s done. Yay!

There is a dead bird outside the window in the hallway to my office. It’s rather disturbing. I just told our maintenance guy, Kevin, about it. Poor thing. If i had a napkin or something, I would have removed it myself– to just under a tree. Where nature could take it’s course. Outside of the view of passersby. Hm.

45 minutes left. tick tick tick.

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