Ice cream for breakfast, you say?

September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

This morning I looked int he fridge and much to my chagrin, we are out of everything. And by everything, I mean, I have a couple of gallons of milk, a half gallon of kefir and a quart of heavy cream, and little else beyond condiments.  So, thoughts of eggs and bacon or some other fully satisfying nosh went right out the window.  Knowing that I need to feed my child, and that shopping is out of the question till Matt gets home, I had to get creative.

Last night, I came across a recipe for kefir ice cream.  Now, the recipe specified using kefir that had only been allowed to ferment for 18 hours or less, and I always let my kefir go 24 hours before putting it in the fridge to cure for another 8-10, so I knew mine would be more tart than might be desirable for ice cream, so I cut the amount to one cup, and subbed in two cups of heavy cream.  To this, I threw in a couple of tablespoons of carob powder, about a quarter teaspoon of peppermint flavor oil, a broken up square of premium soy-free dark chocolate, and a half a handful of frozen blueberries.  I blitzed that in the vitamix for a few seconds, and added about 8 drops of chocolate flavored liquid stevia.

Into the ice cream maker with this concoction, and after a few minutes or so, Ella and I were slurping up ice cream for breakfast.

Next time, I definitely want the egg yolks; you could tell something was missing, but all in all, it as a pretty good attempt, considering the dirth of options. It was high fat, low carb with a little protein from the kefir, and some antioxidants from the chocolate and blueberries.

I’m not a fan of blueberries, BTW.  I have always seemed to have adverse reactions to them, but I am trying to incorporate them into my smoothies and stuff more.  You won’t catch me eating blueberry pie or muffins any time soon, but I’m getting used to them.


I got that joy joy joy joy down in my heart…

November 9, 2005 § 1 Comment

I have the office all to myself. Everyone is at a meeting until 12:30. And I still haven’t delivered the mail. It’s actually yesterday’s mail. So I’m waiting for today’s mail, so I can make one trip as opposed to two. Yeah yeah yeah. My lazy butt is too wrapped up in playing on the computer.

Ok, so my buddy akelavincent was obliging enough to look up this link for me. It’s an oldie but goodie.

In other news, I think I have poison ivy on my thumb. I don’t know how, since I have had no contact with nature of late, but I woke up this morning with those tell-tale blisters on my thumb, and an incredible itching sensation. I cannot think of where I might have come in contact with it. It is indeed a mystery.

Also, I rid my dorm room of chocolate today. And I had a LOT of chocolate. I figured it was best to simply remove temptation. Not that I am turning over a dietary leaf or anything– tho I definitely need to. I think better nutrition would go a long way in improving my condition. Hey that rhymes! I did leave myself one bar of dark chocolate tho– just for emergencies, you understand. You never know when you might need a bite of chocolate. Nasty dementors.

I think that is how I should blame my horrible downward swings. Simply a dementor attack. Give me some poor man’s prozac and I’ll be right as rain in no time. Don’t know what I could attribute my up swings to tho. I’ll have to think on that one.

My so-called, sit-com life…

March 14, 2005 § 2 Comments

I am eating chocolate cake. Rich, delicious, fudgey, chocolatey chocolate cake. And milk. Skim milk. *sigh*
So the week I decide to take control of my eating, my brother’s school has its fundraiser selling cakes. And my mom bought a ton. I stowed a lot of it in the freezer downstairs– out of sight, out of mind– but still. There’s a lot just hanging around. I’ve been trying so hard to ignore it. Or if not ignore it, allow myself just a bite so I don’t feel deprived.

But, man this is CHOCOLATE. This place (Sweet Streets Desserts, 722 Hiesters Ln, Reading, PA 19605, (610)921-8113) makes THE BEST chocolate cake in the WORLD. I had only half a slice, but that is probably still like the equivalent of 3 slices of regular Duncan Hines. ugh… Nice bedtime snack, eh?

I drove my brother back home today. That’s right. Drove him. So the loan didn’t come thru like he had hoped and expected, and he was unable to get the shiny new (slightly used) Aztec he had his eye on. He’s not at a total loss tho– his boss can give him a ride to work, and all he has to do is save up some cash for a beater car.

Dave and I had a very interesting conversation about this situation. Seems that he has gotten this idea in his head that God is all about success and prosperity. And he views his current car troubles not as God trying to teach him something, or build character in him, but as the enemy keeping him from the things God wants him to have. *shakes head* you just can’t talk to some people.

That is to say, I have been dealing with similar issues in my own life– a difficulty arises, and I want God to hand me the easy solution. But He doesn’t do that– He makes me do the hard thing. It seems to be a pattern. The thing which seems least palatable to me is the very thing I must do. I MUST slog thru the marshes, dealing with neeker-breekers and midges the whole way. It’s just so weird how these things come in groups. And all seem to happen to various family members at the same time. Like on a sit-com. Everyone has the lesson of the week. Only, in my case, the lesson sometimes falls on hard hearts which cannot see what the lesson is. *sigh*

Oh well. There are plenty of re-tests.

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