Dumb dog. And owner.

July 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

Mocha got a hold of the plastic bag that wrapped the remains of my muffin wrapper today. And ate it. The whole thing. Plastic bag and all. Stupid dog.

It’s my fault of course, because I left it where she could get at it. Ugh. This means she will puke somewhere around 4 Am tomorrow, and we’ll have to clean it up. Nothing we can do till then. I’m hoping that the small amount of chocolate she’s ingested won’t hurt her too much in her current weakened state.

In other horrifying news, walkertxkitty posted this story about a dog who dragged its owner’s newborn baby from his crib. The baby is alive and recovering, but it is a cautionary tale for anyone with pets and babies.

I love Mocha, and know she would never intentionally hurt a person– that she knows is a person. But she’s a hound dog, bred to hunt and kill small animals, and I’ve personally seen her efficiently and ruthlessly dispatch squirrels and rabbits. I would NEVER leave my baby alone with her. And now she’s going old sick and senile, all the more reason to never leave either of them unsupervised.

ETA Correction: Matt has informed me that he got the plastic bag from Mocha. But she did eat the paper wrapper of the muffin. So, chocolate, yes, but plastic bag, no. It’s a relief anyway.


And I slept…

July 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just woke up. Again. I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy, the Zoloft, or both, but I sure cannot get enough sleep these days. Yesterday, I felt so refreshed and alert. I had two nights in a row of [virtually] uninterrupted sleep. Last night was a good night too, but I was back to being sleepy again today. Oh well, plenty of practice for napping when the baby naps, I guess. Oh I do hope she naps.

Dogs Dogs Dogs


July 1, 2009 § 7 Comments

My youngest sister has decided to help raise seeing eye puppies for a 4H project, and this week they are puppy-sitting an adorable six-month old black lab/retriever mix named Kipper. He’s really cute and funny, but ALL PUPPY. He ate Mom’s doormat at the front door. He also ate a softball, and a soccer ball… And is pestering Mocha to no end.

He’s a puppy. Of course, he wants to play all the freakin’ time without stopping. Poor Mocha, who is old, and not in good health, can only take so much. So right now, we are recouping in the basement.

Yesterday, he also pooped on her bed, which she found to be completely offensive. I think he did it on purpose as a show of “dominance.” Mocha’s like WHATEVER. She’s too old for this stuff. Doggy politics is not her bag. I think if she were stronger and more at her proper weight, she would have trounced him by now, and totally put him in his place. As it is, I have to keep chasing him off her tail before he drives her to distraction.

Of hunger and food

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Well, it took me three days…

January 4, 2007 § Leave a comment

but i finally finished it: I tagged all of my lj entries, going back to the start of this lj. It was rather interesting, watching my relationship with Matt blossom and develop– backwards! I also was able to reminisce over memories of Rit, koinegeek and found his last comment to my journal in the process. It was to some random meme. It made my heart stop when i realized that the last time he replied to my journal, i hadn’t replied back. I miss him, he was such a blessing and a good friend, even if we never met in person. What a man of God!

So, 2007 is off to a start, and i have much to update. Christmas was good, but i have come to the conclusion that i really dislike Christmas Day itself, much as I adore the season leading up to it. Matt and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve. I got lots of dragonfly stuff. Pretty! Christmas Day was an exercise in frustration however, with three family stops across two states, and irritations from both sets of parents. But what can you expect? lol, such is family.

I have been slowly re-organizing the house, and re-arranging. We went out and bought an upright freezer the other day, and had it delivered on Tuesday, so now we can actually keep a stock of food. I felt like such a grown-up with that purchase.


There are people in my house and I haven’t seen them…

September 16, 2006 § 3 Comments

Today, the land-lady sent some folks over to install a new heating system, since the old one was messed up in the recent floods we had here. We just left the basement door open so that they could come and go as they pleased and i have been up here in the bedroom with the dog. My big huge lion-huntin’ dog. She is disturbed by all of the noise coming up from the basement. As long as the noise doesn’t leave the basement tho, I am unconcerned. I really want to take a shower, but I have mucho misgivings about doing that with strangers in the house. Unless I locked my dog in the bathroom with me.

She’s really a total wuss tho. Not at all a sufficient gaurd dog. But she looks big and scary, and sometimes, that’s all you really need if folks start getting out of line.

I want bacon and eggs. For some reason, my house smells like it, even tho I know we don’t have any. I’m hungry, but I don’t want to go downstairs. There are people in the basement.

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