So much to do…

September 15, 2010 § 5 Comments

Well, it’ not even 10 AM and I’ve already gotten much accomplished… or at least underway. I finally decided to bust out of avoidance mode and tackle my kitchen. One load if dishes is in the wash, and another shall soon follow. Big on the priority list is to sort and chuck, and sweep and mop that floor!

We have a lot to do and a ton going on right now. Matt and I have decided to sell the house and downsize to MUCH smaller accommodations (i.e. the apartment basement of some friends of ours,) which will require paring down to the bare minimum. We’ll be having a MEGA yard sale on Oct 16th, details to follow and adverts will be posted on FaceBook prior to the event. Anyone looking for coffeehouse items, please check it out! There may even be a refrigerated pastry case on display…

Stuff I must do


..And in the Mornin’, I’m making WAFFLES!

January 18, 2010 § 5 Comments

I mixed up a waffle batter so we could have waffles yesterday morning, but due to a series of unfortunate instances, it sat until today, so I made waffles today. We’re going to bring them over to our friends’ house for dinner. I love breakfast for dinner!

I also have some flour on to soak for bread tomorrow. I’ve been experimenting with different wheats. I liked the texture of the hard white spring wheat– it was as soft as Wonder bread! but preferred the deeper flavor of the hard red winter wheat. So today, I did half and half to see what we get texture and taste-wise.

I also doubled the recipe, since we seem to go through bread like nobody’s business. Well, it’s my go-to take-along item when visiting. I hate showing up to places empty handed. I don’t know if it was my Southern upbringing, but it seems to be the cardinal sin of visiting folks to show up without a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, or some kind of sweet to share. I feel all awkward and uncomfortable on those rare occasions I’ve neglected to bring something along. And i hate picking something up from the store in the way. It feels like I’m letting people down if I didn’t make it from scratch with my own two hands.

I know that these are my own insane internal rules for visiting and sharing, but I figure all the better for my friends. If only I was so OCD about keeping a neat house.

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