Putting My House in Order

October 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

Matt and I are on a simplification kick. For the last few months, we have been asking the question, “Just how much do we really need?”

Currently, we live in a one hundred year old, three-story twin.  It has tiny rooms, and we have lots of stuff.  The finished attic, which is supposed to be a third bedroom, is stuffed to the gills with boxes of things we never unpacked from our move into the house three years ago.

Navigating from room to room can sometimes be a hazard.  Oh, I’ve joined FlyLady, and read all the good homekeeping blogs and subscribe to other mommy bloggers who struggle with clutter and organization, but I still feel overwhelmed and helpless in the face of my mountain of crap— erm… adversity.

But it is time to get serious.  Today, I have been clearing out cabinets and shelves in my kitchen, filling boxes to go OUT THE DOOR.  We need to go room by room to eliminate all the excess and just… simplify.  We have so many dishes, that I’ve boxed up one whole set (dinner and salad plates, bowls, cups and saucers) and am switching to our china which sits in a hutch and never sees the light of day.  What’s the point of having pretty plates if you’re never going to use them?  Any utensils in the drawers which were doubles or simply superfluous and not something I use regularly went into a box.  A whole knife set (with wooden block holder) is now in the box, along with my old 6 quart slowcooker (I have almost half a dozen in different sizes.  They all get used– sometimes simultaneously, so it’s hard parting with even one…)

Not only are we getting rid if the standard clutter, but we feel a real need to pare down to the bare minimum.  Just the essentials.  How many tops do I really need?  Can I get by on only 5 blouses, 4 sweaters, two pairs of jeans and a couple of skirts?  What does it mean to live simply?  Could I get by on only 100 items total? I’m talking, clothes, furnishings, entertainment, etc.

Put that way, to my mind anyway, 100 items seems like an awful lot.  But then I look around me at all the STUFF in my house, and wonder what I’m doing with it all.  Somehow, I don’t think I even USE 100 items, but I know I have way more than that in my possession.

So it’s all going away.  Shooting for a goal of 100 (but not obsessing or killing myself to get there, just aiming for it) I am pushing out the clutter.

Maybe I should make this a general challenge… hmmm….


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