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November 9, 2005 § 1 Comment

I have the office all to myself. Everyone is at a meeting until 12:30. And I still haven’t delivered the mail. It’s actually yesterday’s mail. So I’m waiting for today’s mail, so I can make one trip as opposed to two. Yeah yeah yeah. My lazy butt is too wrapped up in playing on the computer.

Ok, so my buddy akelavincent was obliging enough to look up this link for me. It’s an oldie but goodie.

In other news, I think I have poison ivy on my thumb. I don’t know how, since I have had no contact with nature of late, but I woke up this morning with those tell-tale blisters on my thumb, and an incredible itching sensation. I cannot think of where I might have come in contact with it. It is indeed a mystery.

Also, I rid my dorm room of chocolate today. And I had a LOT of chocolate. I figured it was best to simply remove temptation. Not that I am turning over a dietary leaf or anything– tho I definitely need to. I think better nutrition would go a long way in improving my condition. Hey that rhymes! I did leave myself one bar of dark chocolate tho– just for emergencies, you understand. You never know when you might need a bite of chocolate. Nasty dementors.

I think that is how I should blame my horrible downward swings. Simply a dementor attack. Give me some poor man’s prozac and I’ll be right as rain in no time. Don’t know what I could attribute my up swings to tho. I’ll have to think on that one.


March 15, 2005 § 3 Comments

I recently listened to the director’s commentary and was sent into joyful, geeky overload when PJ and Fran actually TALKED ABOUT FIGWIT!!! *swoon* Could ya die?

So, in honor of my favorite elf extra who’s inexplicable popularity rivals that of Boba Fett, I submit these two parodies. They are old, Father William, but I like them anyway.

Figwit, I’m In Love

This one’s for you, Foe

March 2, 2005 § 3 Comments

(for )

To the Tune of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”


Picture yourself in a glen outside Mordor
Where Haradrim march
And a swift arrow flies
An ambush erupts and you find you’re surrounded
Before you an Oliphaunt dies

Gondorian soldiers appear left and right,
Towering over your head
Somebody grabs you and you try to fight
But your caught.

Please don’t take the Ring to Gondor
Please don’t take the Ring to Gondor (repeat)


Faramir leads to a cave near a cascade
And questions you both
With doubt in his eyes
Everyone watches as you fret and worry
How can you get past this guy

Gollum’s found fishing from their secret shore
What are you going to say?
“Please just trust Master,” you beckon and plead
Now he’s caught.

Please don’t take the Ring to Gondor
please don’t take the Ring to Gondor


Picture yourself on a wall in Osgiliath
Where battle’s engaged
With Nazgul that fly
Suddenly you find there’s a Ring near your finger
But Sam intercedes with a cry

Faramir sees and finally understands you,
Letting you go with a sigh…

I won’t take the Ring to Gondor,
I won’t take the Ring to gondor (repeat)

Let me tell you, that is WEIRD writing all that while listeing to something *completely* different. lol

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