Dumb dog. And owner.

July 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

Mocha got a hold of the plastic bag that wrapped the remains of my muffin wrapper today. And ate it. The whole thing. Plastic bag and all. Stupid dog.

It’s my fault of course, because I left it where she could get at it. Ugh. This means she will puke somewhere around 4 Am tomorrow, and we’ll have to clean it up. Nothing we can do till then. I’m hoping that the small amount of chocolate she’s ingested won’t hurt her too much in her current weakened state.

In other horrifying news, walkertxkitty posted this story about a dog who dragged its owner’s newborn baby from his crib. The baby is alive and recovering, but it is a cautionary tale for anyone with pets and babies.

I love Mocha, and know she would never intentionally hurt a person– that she knows is a person. But she’s a hound dog, bred to hunt and kill small animals, and I’ve personally seen her efficiently and ruthlessly dispatch squirrels and rabbits. I would NEVER leave my baby alone with her. And now she’s going old sick and senile, all the more reason to never leave either of them unsupervised.

ETA Correction: Matt has informed me that he got the plastic bag from Mocha. But she did eat the paper wrapper of the muffin. So, chocolate, yes, but plastic bag, no. It’s a relief anyway.


And I slept…

July 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just woke up. Again. I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy, the Zoloft, or both, but I sure cannot get enough sleep these days. Yesterday, I felt so refreshed and alert. I had two nights in a row of [virtually] uninterrupted sleep. Last night was a good night too, but I was back to being sleepy again today. Oh well, plenty of practice for napping when the baby naps, I guess. Oh I do hope she naps.

Dogs Dogs Dogs

July 9, 2009 § 5 Comments

I did it! I finished the babysling for my friend who just gave birth, and took pics of both slings for your perusal and critique. And I put in a pic of Mocha, so y’all can see how truly skinny she really is. Poor baby.



July 1, 2009 § 7 Comments

My youngest sister has decided to help raise seeing eye puppies for a 4H project, and this week they are puppy-sitting an adorable six-month old black lab/retriever mix named Kipper. He’s really cute and funny, but ALL PUPPY. He ate Mom’s doormat at the front door. He also ate a softball, and a soccer ball… And is pestering Mocha to no end.

He’s a puppy. Of course, he wants to play all the freakin’ time without stopping. Poor Mocha, who is old, and not in good health, can only take so much. So right now, we are recouping in the basement.

Yesterday, he also pooped on her bed, which she found to be completely offensive. I think he did it on purpose as a show of “dominance.” Mocha’s like WHATEVER. She’s too old for this stuff. Doggy politics is not her bag. I think if she were stronger and more at her proper weight, she would have trounced him by now, and totally put him in his place. As it is, I have to keep chasing him off her tail before he drives her to distraction.

Of hunger and food

Bonding with Baby

June 5, 2009 § 6 Comments

My dog is Teh Awesome. Tonight, she kept coming over and holding her head up against my stomach; I thought so that I would rub her ears. This usually only lasts a couple of minutes, and then she wanders off to see other people, or eat phantom food off the carpet. But tonight, she just stood there for the longest time. Even when she walked away for a bit, she still came back.

Later, she came over and laid her head across my lap/belly (based on the way I was lounging/reclining on the couch) I was rubbing her head and wondering at how cuddly she was being tonight (she’s usually far too wigggly and spastic to pet for very long.) I noticed that the baby was moving, and in fact kicking her in the head as she was laying there. But she didn’t move. In fact, she was leaning into it. And that’s when it dawned on me– she was feeling the baby move.

We were at my parents’ house at the time, and I commented on it, so we started watching her, and sure enough, even though she would walk up to other folks in the room, she kept gravitating back to laying her head across my belly. In fact, when we were ready to leave, Matt had to pull her away from me to head out– usually she’s ready to go! It was too precious.

I love my dog.

Mocha’s Toes

November 4, 2008 § 4 Comments

Yesterday, after many weeks of procrastination, I finally got Mocha to the groomers. She needed it! But what I thought would be a simple trip to the groomers turned out to be a [echo effect]DAY OF HORRORS!!!! DUN dun duuuuun…..

The Horror


October 6, 2008 § 3 Comments

Mocha has decided to curl up next to me on the floor as I sit on the couch. She’s snuggled herself down next to my leg, and has wrapped her dexterous paws around my ankle in a hug.

She’s a funny girl.

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