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July 16, 2009 § 4 Comments

I’m starting to see HP:HBP reviews cropping up now, and they are blessedly cut for spoilage. Matt and I aren’t going till next week. The way we do our budget, we set aside “date night” money for each week, and we hit our quota for this week. Plus, it’s Stimulus Tuesdays at the theater, which means $1 drinks and popcorn! w00t! We can afford to get our own, instead of sharing a small like usual! Maybe we can even get some Twizzlers!! ooOOOOooo!

I’m in the middle of my re-read right now, and worried about what they might have cut– and what they might not. I’m doing my own internal editing of what I feel is essential and non-essential to the plot. Of course, my internal editor and the ones used for the film will, I am sure, differ drastically.

All in all, I hope it is a better film than the last… three. I had a major beef after PoA, and GoF and OotP left me pretty cold. In fact, of the 5 so far, those are the two I’ve seen the least– maybe once or twice. But HBP is my favorite of the seven, and so I hope they can do it justice.

I have a headache. I just finished printing off my mail merge, and wouldn’t you know, for some reason it printed all the addresses highlighted. I hate the new Microsoft Office. It’s not nearly as user friendly as the older versions, and nothing is where it is supposed to be. >:-P Grr. But at least it is done, so my mom can come get them whenever she wants.


September 11, 2008 § 12 Comments

TCM is having a contest right now.

Basically, pick a classic movie and plan a themed viewing party around it. I can think of so many movies that would be fun for– like Arsenic and Old Lace, or Philadelphia Story. Or Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House! (For some reason, I can only think of Cary Grant movies…)

Audience Participation: What movie would you like to do, and how would you plan the party? (They don’t have to be classics for our purposes here!)

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