Phun with Phantom

March 4, 2005 § 3 Comments

Thanks to for putting me onto this hilarity. (Technically, it was through ) I was choking back chuckles, chortles, and guffaws for the better part of an hour!


I just gave a dramatic reading of this to . With Phantom playing in the background. Highly amusing.


Still on a Phantom kick…

February 28, 2005 § Leave a comment

Ok, so i guess i must confess a minor obsession is festering here. Not quite to the Phantom’s level yet, but enough that I HAD to go get the movie soundtrack– the two disc full version. It’s like having just the audio of the whole movie. All I miss is watching Gerry Butler swash a buckle across the screen… *sigh*

Listening to the soundtrack tho, allows some of my niggling annoyances from watching the film to be magnified. For instance, the fact that they didn’t do as Baz Lurman did in Moulin Rouge and record the music tracks live. It’s most obvious when they switch from sung to spoken parts, and I noted it during the movie, but it’s distractingly obvious on the CD. I really wish Schumaker would have made a different choice there. Of course, that would not have worked for Carlotta, but since I knew she wasn’t doing her own singing anyway, I don’t think it would have bugged me so much.

I mean, if Ewan McGregor can handle singing live for filming, these people ought to!

I like Raoul’s voice just listening to it much better than I did watching him sing it. That’s kinda weird. I like Gerry Butler’s better while watching him. I guess that’s not so weird. As I have stated previously, he’s no Crawford, but he does quite well enough, thank you very much. I especially love his turn of “Point of No Return” and “Down Once More…” I actually prefer it to Crawford’s. The three of them have such a chemistry in this final scene, and there is so much passion and emotion that I suppose was difficult to capture in the studio recording of the Original Cast’s album. You really feel Erik’s desperation/despair/anger. The juxtaposition of the conflict is made so much more poignant when he repents after the kiss. That just wrecks me.

I absolutely love the resolution when he sings “You alone can make my song take flight/ it’s over now the music of the night.” It’s one of my favorite parts of both renditions. The way the final chord just has this release; for the first time in the whole play, it is NOT discordant and in a minor key. It is a full unbroken, beautiful chord. I love it.

Ah! I love this stuff!

He’s here, the Phantom of the Opera….

February 27, 2005 § 4 Comments

Can I swoon now?? My oh my…

On the advice of , I went to see Phantom in the theater today. Gerry Butler is now my new eye candy:

*fans self* I have to agree with her that Erik has always held quite an appeal for me. Something about that whole Orpheus thing; the seductive quality of his voice and genius. If only it weren’t for that minor psychotic thing…

He is truly a pitiable character, and you want to just take him home and love him. Unfortunatley, he’s insane. *sigh*

What Michael Crawford did for his voice, Butler does ten-fold for his presence. “Point of No Return” and “Down Once More…” are the point where I usually become a sobbing wreck when listening to the cast recording, and the movie definitely did it for me again. I found myself wondering if Butler might not get the Oscar nod for this one. I sure hope so!

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