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March 10, 2005 § 2 Comments

So, today I have nearly finished my antibiotic (only one dose left) but I am still not well. My chest is *still* congested, and tonight, I felt completely nauseated. I had to go to bed at 6. I’m up now, of course, but not for long. I feel blecchy.

So, SPRING BREAK 2005 is still going strong. Walked the mall for a few hours today, and going back tomorrow. There is something sad about spending my Spring Break at the mall. As opposed to other hedonistic pursuits, I suppose. *sigh* Never really been one for hedonism.

My dear friend from high school, with whom I walked the mall, has lost 40 lbs on weight watchers recently. She told me that her body image had not yet caught up to her new body. So I made her try on 3 gorgeous prom gowns. It seemed to work, and we found this red slinky number that I really think she should get for her upcoming cruise. ‘Twould make for quite the pleasant surprise for her hubby. I like to help. 😀


SPRING BREAK!! or well.. spring break…

March 8, 2005 § 5 Comments

Yeah, my Spring break isn’t exactly a roaring exciting success so far. I have managed to schedule a couple of dr.’s appts that I have needed while I’m home, so I’m all productive like that. In looking at this week’s calendar, I DO have something planned each day, but since 2 of those days are for the aforementioned appointments, that’s *really* not saying anything…

But tomorrow I will be going to King of Prussia Mall– the largest mall on the east coast, and second largest shopping mall in the world. It’s not as “woo-hoo” for me, since I used to work there for years and have known KoP since long before it was so HUGE. It’s like an “I knew you when” celebrity thing. In fact, I still mainly keep to the old sections (which are also what could be considered the “cheap section”) Why go to Bloomingdale’s when Penney’s is just across the way? lol

One of the “newer” additions that I really like is the Cafe Court upstairs. It’s better than the old food court, because it less fast foody, and more fresh stuff. Whole Foods, organic grrl that I am, I can totally dig on that! Yum! *gets hungry just thinking about it* I think i will probably do lunch at Ruby’s tho. Gotta love that whole 50’s diner vibe they’ve got going there. Plus I love their cherry cokes. I swore off soda over 5 years ago (and lost 30 pounds when i did–unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle put it all back on– but I’m working on that) erm.. I digressed too far… where was I going? Oh! Soda– so I stopped drinking it, but I WILL indulge at Ruby’s. They make the most awesome Cherry cokes, because they make it the old fashioned way. mmmm… so good!

I also have to get a baby shower gift for my best friend from 2nd grade. I can’t believe we’ve known each other all these years, and that she’s HAVING A BABY!!tick tick tick tick lol. It’s just so hard to believe it. I still don’t feel like a grownup. Even tho all of my friends from school are married now, it hasn’t sunk in. I’m 29 but still think of myself as a child. It’s so weird. And it weirds me out when my friends do “grown-up” things like … get married… buy houses… have babies… *shudder* It’s too weird.

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